Pakistani army monitors FATA schools, health facilities

The army's presence is meant to ensure the health and education of FATA residents.

Release of Owais Ali Shah builds confidence in Pakistani security forces

The son of Sindh Province's top justice spent almost a month in Taliban captivity.

Umar Naray's death 'divine justice', APS victims' families say

The mastermind of the 2014 Army Public School (APS) massacre was killed in Afghanistan, operationally neutralising the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), analysts say.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa takes concrete steps to protect minorities

The province has started a number of programmes to safeguard religious minorities, officials say.

Pakistani security arrangements ensure peaceful Eid

Police vigilance allowed Eid ul Fitr to pass peacefully without any major terrorism, officials said.

Pakistanis salute army chief's visit to troops in Waziristan

Gen. Raheel Sharif spent Eid ul Fitr with soldiers on the battlefield, commending their sacrifices in the war on terror.

Tribal youth eager to join Pakistani army

Militancy has destroyed the fabric of society, and youth want to be part of the solution, analysts say.

KP beefs up security for Eid ul Fitr

Pakistani authorities have reinforced security in mosques and other public areas for the holiday.

Skilled FC soldiers are ready to fight terrorism

About 2,000 of better equipped and well-trained jawans have joined FC to fight terrorism.

Punjab Police pursue action against militants

The Punjab Police Counter Terrorism Department killed 70 militants in recent operations.

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