Authorities on alert as ISIS declares Pakistan a new 'province'

ISIS recently has claimed a number of attacks in the country, as its propaganda efforts are focusing more and more on South Asia.

Pakistan-Iran joint border force to combat terrorism is 'contradictory,' say observers

Iran's export of state-sponsored terrorism makes it an unreliable partner, say analysts.

Taliban, ISIS fighters burn down each others' homes in Afghanistan

Fighting between the two insurgent groups is literally pitting brother against brother.

Karachi shifts focus to development as security improves

The development projects are key to helping the Karachi move past the damage inflicted by militant groups in the past.

Security forces kill 5 terrorists in overnight raid in Hayatabad

One police officer was also killed and two security personnel were wounded in the 16-hour-long operation, according to officials.

Taliban suicide blast at Quetta fruit market kills at least 20

Body parts littered the scene, and injured survivors screamed for help as black smoke cloaked the market after the explosion.

Wives and children of defeated ISIS fighters face future of statelessness

Following the collapse of the group's so-called 'caliphate' in Syria last month, thousands of fighters, women, and children have been confined in a number of camps, awaiting their fate.

Coalition hunts down remaining ISIS fighters in Syria

The US-led coalition is conducting 'precision strike support' to help flush out the remaining militants.

Already routed in Syria, ISIS loses ground in Pak-Afghan region

The terrorist group faces financial crackdowns, military operations and a lack of local support in both countries, yet it still remains a threat.

Pakistani officials eye fence as solution to Iran-based militants

More fencing will control illegal border crossings and terrorism, officials say.

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