1. Society

    Pakistan offers to host OIC meeting on Afghanistan as crisis looms

  2. Human Rights

    World Food Programme kicks off food deliveries from Tajikistan to Afghanistan

  3. Terrorism

    Beijing's mistreatment of Muslims spurs militancy in Pakistan, say observers

  1. Economy

    Sorrow and broken dreams follow desperate Afghans' decision to sell daughters

  2. Security

    Screws tighten on Kremlin mercenaries as their presence spreads across globe

  3. Security

    US designates ISIS-K leaders as global terrorists

  1. Security

    Clearing Afghanistan's land mines one careful step a time

  2. Security

    Pakistan launches fresh probe into 2011 assassination of Saudi diplomat

  3. Technology

    Facebook takes down 4 hacker groups targeting Afghanistan, Syria

  4. Politics

    IRGC's Quds Force stalls under Qaani's lacklustre leadership

  5. Refugees

    Afghans face abuse, violence as Iran deports thousands back to uncertainty

  6. Economy

    Afghan antique dealer highlights Afghanistan's past, hope for the future

  7. Human Rights

    Regime-fuelled sexism erodes few remaining rights left for Iranian women

  8. Security

    Global concerns mount as China rapidly expands nuclear arsenal

  9. Human Rights

    Desperate migrants in Belarus become Russia's geopolitical pawns

  10. Technology

    International community uniting against threat from Russian hackers

  11. Security

    Taliban supreme leader's warning on infiltrators exposes deep divisions

  12. Environment

    Xi skips crucial climate talks as China ramps up coal production

  13. Economy

    Pakistani authorities crack down on smuggling of US dollars to Afghanistan

  14. Religion

    Taliban fighters break from leaders, call for 'jihad' against China for oppressing Muslims

  15. Health

    Mental anguish surges among girls as the Taliban ban on schooling sinks in

  16. Diplomacy

    Russia amplifying ISIS threat as pretext to exert dominance in region

  17. Technology

    China hackers caught stealing call records, text messages around the world

  18. Terrorism

    Multiple security raids in Balochistan point to rising militancy in region

  19. Economy

    Sceptical Afghans question China's, Iran's meagre aid contributions

  20. Religion

    China silences popular Koran app for millions of Muslims

  21. Human Rights

    Dozens of countries demand end to horrors against Muslims in China's Xinjiang