1. Security

    With graphic murder video, ISIS seeks to inflame sectarian strife in Pakistan

  2. Analysis

    Kremlin influence agent Prigozhin faces harsh reality as international fugitive

  3. Security

    Killing of al-Qaeda, Taliban leaders together proves groups' ongoing ties

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  1. Security

    Air combat exercise boosts Pakistan's image as key security partner

  2. Women's Rights

    Young Afghan women reject possibility of return to 'dark times' of Taliban

  3. Analysis

    Guardianship of the Jurist: a theological anomaly empowering dictatorship in Iran

  1. Economy

    Teetering Iranian economy threatens future of Islamic Republic

  2. Diplomacy

    Taliban: we will 'never support' democracy in Afghanistan

  3. Human Rights

    Foreign governments urged to retrieve citizens from Syria's al-Hol

  4. Analysis

    Iran's obstinacy leads to growing clout of Israel in Middle East

  5. Analysis

    Pakistani militia part of expanding 'Little Iran' colony in eastern Syria

  6. Security

    World powers urge Taliban not to launch spring offensive

  7. Security

    Russia's intentions questioned as new round of peace talks begins in Moscow

  8. Diplomacy

    Altered Afghan map tweeted by Russian Foreign Ministry sparks outrage

  9. Security

    Taliban close dozens of healthcare centres in Samangan, Takhar

  10. Terrorism

    Assassinations, abuse spike in al-Hol camp as ISIS hardliners lash out

  11. Terrorism

    In photos: Taliban's destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas remembered

  12. Security

    Taliban receive bomb-making training from al-Qaeda: Afghan officials

  13. Security

    Taliban aid crackdown spreads fear over treatment of women

  14. Security

    Protesters denounce mass shooting by Iranian forces near Pakistani border

  15. Economy

    Playing with numbers: China's poverty eradication 'miracle' deemed a ploy

  16. Human Rights

    UN report details decade of 'unimaginable suffering' for detainees in Syria

  17. Crime & Justice

    Tensions simmer after mass shooting near Pakistan-Iranian border

  18. Security

    US strikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria send 'unambiguous message'

  19. Security

    Evidence suggests Haqqani Network, ISIS co-ordinating terror attacks

  20. Human Rights

    China increasing prosecution, lengthening sentences of Uighur Muslims

  21. Human Rights

    China deems Xinjiang rape, abuses as 'shining examples' of progress