1. Education

    'Nothing allowed': Afghan women demand education rights in UN appeal

  2. Analysis

    Afghans lose decades of progress in just two years

  3. Refugees

    Iran resorts to collective punishment of Afghans over Helmand river water dispute

  1. Security

    Challenges mount as Baloch insurgents ramp up attacks on Chinese nationals

  2. Security

    Iran under pressure to stop sheltering Pakistani insurgent groups

  3. Analysis

    Russia fails to deliver Su-35s to Iran, triggering speculation over health of alliance

  1. Terrorism

    Pakistani survivor of militant torture determined to live without fear

  2. Economy

    New agreements with China fan flames of debate over economic impact

  3. Security

    Iran's 'absurd' Gulf naval alliance fails to gain traction

  4. Politics

    Russian withdrawal from grain deal puts Africa at risk of increased food insecurity

  5. Terrorism

    In 'crown jewel' Gwadar, residents dismayed by 10 years of CPEC

  6. Security

    Pakistan mourns deadliest militant attack in years

  7. Security

    Recent US visits show warming relationship between Washington, Islamabad

  8. Women's Rights

    'Heartbroken': Afghan women devastated by beauty parlour ban

  9. Human Rights

    Who ordered the return of Iran's morality police? No one really knows

  10. Human Rights

    Return to the gulag: Russia opens new prisons for civilians captured in Ukraine

  11. Politics

    CPEC and the rise of militancy in Pakistan

  12. Economy

    Tehran makes mischief at sea as Iranian economy sinks

  13. Environment

    After 10 years of CPEC, Chinese coal plants plunge Pakistan into health crisis

  14. Human Rights

    Syria, Russia deliberately bombed Syria displacement camps, rights group says

  15. Security

    Disappeared, dismissed, dead: fate of top Russian generals after Wagner mutiny

  16. Analysis

    Africans continue to endure consequences of Russian war after mediation fails

  17. Politics

    With Russia mired in crisis, Iran asserts itself in Syria

  18. Analysis

    Wagner's failed rebellion exacerbates national security fault lines in Russia

  19. Economy

    Dreams of lucrative development under CPEC shattered by reality in Gwadar

  20. Media

    Facebook says China trolls adopting new tactics in quest to sow discord overseas

  21. Security

    The weaknesses weighing on Putin after Wagner mutiny