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Although the conviction rate for terrorism cases in KP has increased since 2014, it remained relatively low at 28% in 2016. More than 50% of cases result in acquittals. The new tool aims to improve these rates.

The Pakistani army transferred security duties to the civilian government of Upper and Lower Dir districts April 11.

The flag meeting at the Torkham border crossing comes after a brief flare-up of violence earlier along the border. Such meetings will improve communication and defuse tensions, say observers.

Tribal elders and local officials quickly de-escalated the situation, saying fighting along the border benefits only terrorists.

'My aim is to end terrorism, establish peace, empower women and democratise the tribal population,' said Ali Begum, a retired civil servant from Kurram Agency.

An ongoing awareness campaign is teaching locals in Waziristan how to recognise IEDs, land mines and other explosive devices left behind by militants.

A new firefighting service equipped with motorcycles will be able to reach fires on narrow streets, holding them off until larger fire trucks can arrive.

Authorities also arrested three individuals suspected of involvement in three terrorist attacks in Parachinar.

Doctors began providing free treatment in January to combat the spread of the deadly disease.

The 'security crescent' of 31 checkpoints installed between FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will ward off terror threats, officials say.

A unified front and stronger relations are necessary to fight terrorism and bring sustainable peace to the region, analysts on both sides of the border say.

More than 400 commandos of the KP Police's Elite Force graduated in a ceremony on April 3.

"I don't think teams have any excuses left for not coming to Pakistan anymore," Pakistan team captain Sarfraz Ahmed said.

Mohammad Akram and Saghran Bibi were forced to abandon their children and grandchildren to escape an unrelenting Russian-backed offensive in Eastern Ghouta.

"I left Swat with my eyes closed and now I am back with my eyes open," she said.