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Iran declares Pakistan 'responsible' for soldier kidnappings

Iran vowed to take action after at least 11 Iranian security personnel were abducted near the border, but Pakistani officials say the incident highlights Iran's 'incompetence'.

Samar Haroon Bilour and Sardar Aghaz Gandapur -- who lost her husband and his father, respectively, to suicide attacks -- emerged victorious in the Sunday elections.

Iran reportedly has recruited more than 1,600 Pakistanis in the past six months to fight in its militias in Syria and is running influence campaigns in an attempt to change Pakistani public opinion.

The government has started many developmental projects in the area after years of Taliban militancy.

Corporal punishment and physical abuse, a widely accepted practice in Pakistani schools, have discouraged students from going to schools, say observers.

The cleanup is aimed at reducing pollution in Pakistan, including in the air and water, and at providing a clean and green country to future generations.

Determined to entangle the United States and its partners in Afghanistan, Russia and Iran have engaged in subversion, including backing the Taliban.