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Eleven years after its founding, TTP is near disintegration

Crushed by more than a decade of operations, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is unraveling, and the Pakistani government and army are ensuring it won't make a return.

The tax was recommended by the World Health Organisation; any proceeds from it will go to improving public health.

Banks operating in Pakistan have started to conduct biometric verification of account holders, meant to weed out phony accounts and to contain money laundering.

A government ban on traditional brick kilns through December has workers concerned for their future as officials search for alternative technologies.

Hundreds of Pakistani religious leaders and scholars gathered at a conference in Quetta in December to promote Paigham-e-Pakistan, a fatwa that condemns suicide attacks and terrorism.

Khwendo Kor, a non-profit, is working through its growing network to overcome religious intolerance by advancing interfaith relations and societal harmony.

The Youth Anti-Terrorism Organisation is planning to build apartments for widows facing financial difficulties after losing their primary breadwinners to terrorism.