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Pakistan looks on in hope as Imran Khan becomes prime minister

Khan's government faces myriad challenges ranging from population growth to simmering extremism, but many are hoping he can steer the country in the right direction.

Acquainting youth from Pakistan's tribal and settled areas with each other will help prevent extremist tendencies and promote peace, say officials and locals.

Wells must be dug 450 feet deep in some areas of Mohmand District, a difficult job for local tribesmen. The KP government is stepping up help.

Pakistanis have extra reason to celebrate on this Independence Day with the 2nd peaceful transfer of power in the country's history.

Iran's support for the Taliban is aimed at hindering key infrastructure projects and antagonising the United States, local officials say.

The cross-border movement of militants to and from Afghanistan has strained Pakistani-US relations in recent years.

Authorities are launching information campaigns and sending ulema to inform the public about family planning and population management.