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WhatsApp offers tips to spot fake news ahead of Pakistan's general election

The awareness campaign aims to curb the viral spread of false information.

Women in Mohri Pur hope to exercise their right to vote, overturning a decades-old ban by their own men.

Joint Crisis Management Units have been formed to protect political parties and their leaders.

An ISIS suicide bomber killed at least 149 people during an election rally in Mastung, Balochistan, and so far 9 arrests have been made in connection to the massacre.

'I am willing to sacrifice my life for Pakistan too,' said Danyal Bilour, the son of slain ANP leader Haroon Bashir Bilour.

The National Action Plan has made strides in bringing peace to Pakistan, according to a recent study.

Political leaders of all stripes vowed they would not bow to terrorists and continue to strive for peace through elections.