Flower business blooms again in Peshawar as peace returns

The 'City of Bombs' is now known as the 'City of Flowers' following the defeat of militancy in the region.

Khyber Pass Economic Corridor to pave way for improved Pak-Afghan trade

The expressway will not only improve relations but promote regional integration as well, officials and business leaders say.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa plants public orange trees in 'Fruit For All' drive

The drive is aimed at making KP self-sufficient in producing fruit, meeting the food requirements of children and providing access to fruit for the general public.

Pakistan's ambitious housing programme seeks to build 5 million homes

The Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will directly benefit 170 industries, according to economists.

In photos: Sardaryab stone business flourishes

'Our business is growing, and now we are even exporting the beautiful shiny stones to China, Kuwait and the Middle Eastern countries,' explained one vendor.

Makran residents protest Iranian power cuts as financial crisis looms

Iran has cut off electricity to Balochistan's coastal areas, sparking protests and fueling anti-Iranian sentiment, observers say.

Re-opened border crossing in N. Waziristan to boost Pakistan-Afghanistan trade

Business leaders on both sides of the border are looking forward to the opportunities that the re-opening of the checkpoint will bring.

In photos: Pakistan keeps alive traditional gur-making process

Although making gur has seen some scientific progress, the centuries-old process is still much the same.

US-Pakistani trade reaches new heights

The United States is one of the leading trade partners of Pakistan and among the few countries with which Pakistan has a trade surplus each year.

Pakistan, Indonesia pledge to expand trade and economic co-operation

One of the priorities moving forward is to reduce the trade deficit that Pakistan runs with Indonesia and to increase two-way investments, thereby diversifying and expanding economic ties.

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