President Ashraf Ghani fired Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq in a move observers say was more than just political and was aimed at protecting Afghanistan's national interests.

The cameras will improve security and ensure quality of education in compliance with government guidelines, administrators say.

The new sanctions aim to shut down the illicit networks Iran uses to export terrorism and unrest across the globe, the US Treasury said.

With Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) leaders in custody and a strong police presence, protests called for by the hardline religious party failed to materialise in significant numbers.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the 1,814-km-long pipeline is expected to take place in Pakistan in March.

Among the estimated 3,053 police officers who were provided basic bomb disposal training, 86 of them are female.

The admission of official talks between Iran and the Taliban by a senior official underscores Iran's continuing malign influence in Afghanistan.

Officials are taking steps to counter a coordinated and long-running Iranian online propaganda and disinformation campaign in Pakistan.

Iran's financial and military support for the Taliban across Afghanistan is meant to prolong and expand the Afghan war, officials say.

The Police Assistance Lines (PAL) are direct forms of communication between the police and students and faculty at the University of Peshawar to help them in police-related matters.