A former Taliban commander says foreign powers would not send his group of 50 fighters supplies or money unless they 'caused destruction to the highest extent possible'.

The Afghan Taliban announced Jalaluddin Haqqani's death, but analysts say the news is not likely to have a lasting impact on the terrorist group's operations.

The jihadist leader warned his deputies -- one of whom was killed days later -- of an approaching rebellion by group members.

The 2018 manifesto of Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf pledges to Expose, Enforce, Eliminate and Educate in order to counter terrorism and militancy.

Acquainting youth from Pakistan's tribal and settled areas with each other will help prevent extremist tendencies and promote peace, say officials and locals.

Iran's support for the Taliban is aimed at hindering key infrastructure projects and antagonising the United States, local officials say.

More than 12 police units in the Darail, Chilas and Tangir areas are searching for the militants behind the burning of 12 schools last week.

The blast killed at least 149 people at an election rally last week.

Iranian special forces are facilitating a six-month training programme for the 'brightest and most able' Taliban fighters in exchange for carrying out the bidding of Tehran.

The National Action Plan has made strides in bringing peace to Pakistan, according to a recent study.