With an improved security situation, economic growth in county is speeding up, say observers.

Russia is selling the Taliban advanced weaponry, including laser-scoped sniper rifles, local officials say.

Ongoing discussions began after it became known that the Ansarul Shariah Pakistan militant group is made up of about a dozen highly educated members.

The province has seen the number of terrorist attacks hit a ten-year low, police say, as security personnel step up operations.

More than 17,000 police officers have trained at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's eight specialised police schools.

The Operational Command Course is aimed at training mid-level officers on how to respond to terrorist emergencies and conduct raids.

The recent killing of key terrorist leaders has sent shockwaves among militants along the border.

Former militants say their leaders misled them and used them as pawns of war for personal gains.

The operation is a major achievement in the war on terror, observers and officials say.

The 2-week special forces exercise in Riyadh will run November 25-December 10.