Iran vowed to take action after at least 11 Iranian security personnel were abducted near the border, but Pakistani officials say the incident highlights Iran's 'incompetence'.

The government has started many developmental projects in the area after years of Taliban militancy.

Determined to entangle the United States and its partners in Afghanistan, Russia and Iran have engaged in subversion, including backing the Taliban.

The Iranian IRGC has recruited more than 1,600 Pakistani Shia youth in the past six months for its Zainabiyoun Brigade to fight on behalf of Iranian interests in Syria.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to seek advice from the man responsible for cleaning up the KP Police.

ISIS often makes spurious claims of responsibility or exaggerates casualties after attacks it does carry out to overstate the group's importance.

Iran's attempts to cozy up to Pakistan are a calculated tactic to win Pakistani support for Tehran's anti-US agenda. It's not in Islamabad's interest, say analysts.

Tens of thousands of security personnel are deployed to protect thousands of participants in planned Ashura events.

Police are building eight watchtowers in areas surrounding Bacha Khan International Airport to protect arriving and departing flights in Peshawar.

The push against the terrorist group in Syria is expected to drive the final nail into the coffin of the group's dreams of establishing statehood.