Punjab provincial officials recently shared a list of 109 wanted terrorists in order to expand the search in Pakistan's tribal areas.

The step is meant to protect police and stop militants from reaching Peshawar and other cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, authorities say.

The number of deaths caused by shooting into the air is likely hundreds' in the past few years, say authorities.

The Pakistani army has carried out 9,000 intelligence-based operations throughout the country since launching the operation in February 2017.

Pakistani law enforcement agencies say they have shattered the network of the little-known militant group.

The small but deadly special forces have proven themselves in battle, and their numbers are growing.

The country's fast-improving security situation made it possible, say observers.

Battlefield successes have increased public confidence in the government and projected a more positive image of the country to the world at large.

Enhanced security measures have taken effect at cattle markets, trade centres and places of worship across the country.

Keeping continuous control of the valley is vital in restricting militants' cross-border movements, say observers.