Acquainting youth from Pakistan's tribal and settled areas with each other will help prevent extremist tendencies and promote peace, say officials and locals.

Iran's support for the Taliban is aimed at hindering key infrastructure projects and antagonising the United States, local officials say.

More than 12 police units in the Darail, Chilas and Tangir areas are searching for the militants behind the burning of 12 schools last week.

Iranian special forces are facilitating a six-month training programme for the 'brightest and most able' Taliban fighters in exchange for carrying out the bidding of Tehran.

The blast killed at least 149 people at an election rally last week.

The National Action Plan has made strides in bringing peace to Pakistan, according to a recent study.

The move will lead law enforcement agencies and the public to join efforts in the war on terror, say observers.

The decision resulted from Pakistan's inaction against terror financing.

The public is no longer scared to send children to school or go shopping as it was in the past, residents say.

The Pakistani Taliban is unlikely to survive the power struggle for the top slot, observers say.