Pakistani security and intelligence agencies are destabilising terrorist networks and bringing peace to the province, officials say.

The Pakistani air force (PAF) is playing a vital role in Operation Zarb-e-Azb, supporting ground forces with air strikes and aerial surveillance, analysts say.

The repatriation of displaced people of North Waziristan from Khost Province has started, officials say.

Police actions and army operations contributed to the fewest terror incidents in years, officials say.

Pakistani security forces carried out 25,000 intelligence-based operations (IBOs) in 2016, including 11,000 in Punjab province alone.

Counter-terrorism military exercises with Pakistan's allies build on troops' capacity to wipe out militancy regionally, analysts say.

After successful military operations, the government is focusing on breaking the nexus of financial support to militants.

Pakistan witnessed a 44% reduction in violence-related fatalities in 2016, and a 66% drop compared to 2014, according to the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS).

A report says the Rangers are the source for a 91% decrease in targeted killings and 72% decrease in incidents of terrorism in 2016.

The heavy weapons and explosives would have facilitated terrorism against civilians, Kohat elders and residents said.