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  1. New UN chief pushes China to address 'grave concerns' on human rights in Xinjiang

    in 2020 to stamp out dissent following the city's huge and often violent pro-democracy demonstrations

  2. Recent protests point to 'sense of deprivation' gripping China

    was jailed and then exiled after the 1989 Tiananmen pro-democracy movement was crushed, said the developments

  3. Biden slams 'dictator' Putin, warns of global battle between democracy, autocracy

    the world is in a "battle" between democracy and autocracy. While he delivered his first State

  4. Xi, Putin take advantage of Central Asia visit to push authoritarian agendas

    -operation." They also said there is "no one-size-fits-all" type of democracy -- a convenient

  5. Taiwan bristles over China's aggression, emboldened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    of countries with increasingly Western-style democracies on their borders -- vowed to stick together in a "new

  6. China seen manipulating array of online platforms to spread propaganda

    in collaboration with the German Marshall Fund's Alliance for Securing Democracy. Internet users

  7. Iran turns to cryptocurrencies to launder money, evade sanctions

    Goldberg, a senior advisor to the Washington think-tank Foundation for Defence of Democracies, told

  8. China and Russia hatch plot to make 'world safe for authoritarianism'

    ] Emboldened by a common threat -- countries with increasingly Western-style democracies on their borders

  9. China making inroads, building influence through media manipulation

    Beijing's campaign to shape the narrative on Xinjiang, the PRC's campaigns also aim to squash pro-democracy

  10. As tensions rise, China's partners, debtors risk being dragged into conflict

    a self-damaging decision Pakistan made last December to skip the US-led Summit for Democracy, in part due

  11. Peaceful transfer of power underscores resilience of US democracy

    of the Russian upper parliamentary chamber's foreign affairs committee, saying it showed US democracy

  12. China rallies sympathy for Putin at home, amplifies Kremlin propaganda abroad

    at the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a nonpartisan initiative housed at the US German Marshall Fund that tracks

  13. China's crackdown in Hong Kong exposes regime's anti-freedom agenda

    Pro-democracy lawmakers join hands at the start of a press conference in a Legislative Council

  14. Beijing eyes Taiwan, refusing to call Russia's war in Ukraine 'an invasion'

    ' Infuriated by a common threat -- countries with increasingly Western-style democracies on their borders

  15. Coronavirus disinformation emanating from Russia, China gains foothold abroad

    as Spanish, output, state media groups have "politicised the coronavirus by criticising Western democracies