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The jihadist leader warned his deputies -- one of whom was killed days later -- of an approaching rebellion by group members.

Renovations of Mughal-era structures in Peshawar have transformed the local scene.

The 2018 manifesto of Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf pledges to Expose, Enforce, Eliminate and Educate in order to counter terrorism and militancy.

Observers say the new service is a great initiative and will protect working women and female students who often endure sexual harassment on buses.

The festival, which fell on August 26 this year, draws Pakistanis of all religious beliefs and promotes inter-faith harmony, say observers.

Peshawar's police chief aims to improve the intelligence and investigative capabilities of the police.

Vaccination teams from both countries meet at transit points at the Torkham, Kharlachi, Ghulam Khan and Chaman border crossings and share data about child vaccination and registration.

The effort involves raids against dealers and manufacturers as well as an awareness campaign, say police.

The Karachi-based non-profit is set to launch a fundraising drive in the United States in September. The group uses performing arts to raise awareness of social issues and improve lives.

The joint celebrations on August 14 and 19 in Peshawar and at the Torkham border crossing are a sign of warming relations between the two neighbours, observers say.

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on August 22 in Pakistan.

He spoke for more than an hour, repeating many of his campaign pledges to build an Islamic welfare state but also touching on problems rarely mentioned by Pakistani prime ministers such as child sex abuse and climate change.

Khan's government faces myriad challenges ranging from population growth to simmering extremism, but many are hoping he can steer the country in the right direction.

Acquainting youth from Pakistan's tribal and settled areas with each other will help prevent extremist tendencies and promote peace, say officials and locals.

Wells must be dug 450 feet deep in some areas of Mohmand District, a difficult job for local tribesmen. The KP government is stepping up help.

Pakistanis have extra reason to celebrate on this Independence Day with the 2nd peaceful transfer of power in the country's history.

Iran's support for the Taliban is aimed at hindering key infrastructure projects and antagonising the United States, local officials say.

The cross-border movement of militants to and from Afghanistan has strained Pakistani-US relations in recent years.

Authorities are launching information campaigns and sending ulema to inform the public about family planning and population management.

A 26-point action plan covers the 15-month period from June 2018 to September 2019, which is when the FATF will review Pakistan's efforts.

Iran has cut off electricity to Balochistan's coastal areas, sparking protests and fueling anti-Iranian sentiment, observers say.

More than 12 police units in the Darail, Chilas and Tangir areas are searching for the militants behind the burning of 12 schools last week.

Pakistani prime minister-elect Imran Khan in his election victory speech vowed to improve relations with Afghanistan with an emphasis on open borders and free trade.

Easing access for Afghan patients traveling across the border for treatment has allowed them to arrive for appointments on time and receive much needed health care.

Just two of the 1,500 candidates fielded by Islamic fundamentalist parties won seats in the general elections in an apparent rejection of radicalism.