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The strategy of securing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and engaging religious scholars is paying off, analysts say.

KP Inspector General of Police Salahuddin Khan Mehsud visited those wounded in a deadly suicide bombing on November 24.

The move will mainstream seminaries, preventing terror links and allowing the government to provide funds for new facilities, say officials.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are among 41 countries that have joined the 'pan-Islamic unified front' against violent extremism.

The relationship between the two militant groups has grown increasingly acrimonious of late.

Military operations and a lack of public support have halted the expansion of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan, say analysts.

Better technology and investigation and evidence gathering skills have led to 19 convictions in the past two months, officials say.

The Taliban-linked militants were 'very violent' and would beat her, her husband and her now four-year-old son, she said.

Illegal mobile phones are often difficult to trace and used by criminals and terrorists, officials say.

Effective implementation of the NAP and NACTA is contributing to improved security and fewer terrorist attacks, say officials.

The group has lost 95% of the cross-border 'caliphate' it declared in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

Newly inaugurated common facilities established by the government are expected to improve the quality and value of locally produced honey and silk.

The Russian Ministry of Defence attempted to pass off images from a video game as 'proof' the US military was aiding militants. Social media users debunked Moscow's claims.

The short film promoting education for all children was produced by a 5-year-old boy from Peshawar.

The Taliban on both sides of the border have a history of raping women and killing children, observers say.

The open court initiative addresses residents' grievances and provides immediate solutions to community concerns, officials say.

The newly established courts are aimed at speeding up proceedings in cases of rape, abuse, human trafficking, harassment and other issues.

More than 15,000 schools have been closed in the province due to various insurgent activities.

Multiple social media accounts are in use to receive complaints and inform the public.

Multinational companies are expected to invest billions of dollars in Pakistan over the next ten years.

More women are running for seats and campaigning for elections amid recent reforms.

'The counselling process helped me to understand the truth,' one former militant told Pakistan Forward. 'It has changed my life.'

Senior al-Qaeda leaders' apparent ability to function under Iranian protection supports claims that Tehran and bin Laden had a working relationship.

The rally, which involved a 3,000km-long drive across Pakistan, was a clear message of hope and peace, participants and officials say.