The Pakistani capital has used a number of measures to stay free of terrorist attacks since April 2014.

More children are being kidnapped and turned into suicide bombers because militant groups have sustained heavy losses, officials and analysts say.

Residents of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan can call 1135, while residents of KP and FATA can call 1125 to help prevent terrorist attacks.

Pakistani police, army and Rangers ensured the peaceful conclusion of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Lahore.

Hundreds of operations have already been launched since the beginning of the campaign on February 22 in response to wave of militant attacks.

Over 11,000 civilians, including nearly 4,000 children, were killed by militants in 2016, in what Islamic scholars say is murder not 'jihad'.

The provincial government requested the Rangers' help after a recent spate of terrorist attacks.

Two would-be suicide bombers were killed before they could detonate their explosives inside a courthouse packed with people.

The Fatemiyoun Brigade and Zainebiyoun Brigade, comprised of Afghan and Pakistani Shia mercenaries, are fighting for the Syrian government.

A long list of Taliban atrocities against civilians has increased the public's trust in security forces and boosted co-operation, officials say.

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