Iran has shown no theological purity as it routinely supports, trains and funds terrorist groups such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Counter Terrorism Department has arrested 271 suspected militants, killed 36 militants and recovered 504kg of explosives so far this year.

Pakistan is countering the misuse of social media by ISIL and other militant groups bent on sowing discord and extremism.

Captain Roohullah sacrificed his life to protect the country when terrorists attacked the Police Training Centre in Quetta on October 24.

A steep rise in mental illness has occurred in KP and FATA during the Taliban's years of brutality.

ISIL claimed responsibility.

To improve its image and protect national interests, Pakistan must highlight its long history of supporting peace and security in the world, analysts say.

Police are urging the public to support counter-terrorism efforts by reporting suspicious activities and elements to the authorities.

Pakistan is making strides in its efforts to counter ISIL, the Taliban and other militant groups, observers say.

More than 3,000 frozen bank accounts belong to banned terrorist organisations and facilitators, authorities say.