Afghanistan and Pakistan are among 41 countries that have joined the 'pan-Islamic unified front' against violent extremism.

The relationship between the two militant groups has grown increasingly acrimonious of late.

Military operations and a lack of public support have halted the expansion of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan, say analysts.

The Taliban-linked militants were 'very violent' and would beat her, her husband and her now four-year-old son, she said.

The group has lost 95% of the cross-border 'caliphate' it declared in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

The Taliban on both sides of the border have a history of raping women and killing children, observers say.

Senior al-Qaeda leaders' apparent ability to function under Iranian protection supports claims that Tehran and bin Laden had a working relationship.

The group has appealed to women to fight in Syria and Iraq in a last ditch effort that signals its imminent collapse, observers say.

The Taliban have been using advanced weapons available only to the Russian military, according to a security source in western Afghanistan.

The Taliban have denied the allegations.