Khyber Agency tehsil bans aerial firing, firecrackers

The steps will help curtail militancy, analysts say.

Mohmand mosque suicide bombing victims' survivors condemn Taliban

The Jamatul Ahrar suicide bomber targeted members of a local peace committee during Friday prayers.

Pakistan cracks down on fake ID cards

The operation will help curb militancy, officials say.

KP Police honour bravery of young constable

Police constable Junaid Khan, 24, sacrificed his life to save countless others from a terrorist attack in Mardan District.

Pakistanis condemn Taliban for killing polio vaccinators

Health workers vow to continue administering the oral polio vaccine despite ongoing threats from militants.

Pakistanis condemn suicide bombing in Mohmand mosque

Jamatul Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack which killed at least 28 people during Friday prayers.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb kills over 5,000 militants

Most tribal areas have been cleared of militants, researchers say.

Pakistan has zero tolerance for ISIL

Pakistan has no space for ISIL, officials and security analysts say.

Hizbullah's Syria involvement brings instability to Lebanon

The Iran-backed group's fighting alongside the Syrian regime has drawn terrorist groups and other actors to Lebanon.

Iran's Shia Liberation Army draws regional ire

The new force, comprised of Iranian and foreign fighters, will fan sectarian tensions in the region and exacerbate rifts in Arab society, clerics say.

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