Crime & Justice

Sindh establishes special police unit to stamp out targeted killings

The Sindh Police has set up a dedicated force to control the threat of targeted killings of law enforcement officials and of political and religious figures in Karachi.

Pakistanis condemn brutal kidnapping, murder of KP Police official

Peshawar Superintendent of Police Tahir Khan Dawar was kidnapped from Islamabad October 26. His body was later found in Afghanistan.

KP Police eye youth interaction as means to fight crime, radicalism

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police engaged youth representatives from the province In an interactive session with police officers to encourage them to play a role in stopping crime.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to extend policing to the tribal districts

A police force of 45,000 personnel will be raised in the now former tribal agencies to man 95 police stations, 130 posts and 13 police lines, according to the police.

Pakistan's money laundering affects poor bank users

Millions of dollars have mysteriously departed the country after launderers flooded poor residents' bank accounts with cash and then emptied them.

International pressure mounts on Pakistan to tackle illicit financing

A visiting delegation from the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering said it was unimpressed by Pakistan's progress to tackle money laundering as new cases emerge.

Sindh authorities crack down on surge in Karachi street crimes

Street crimes, including armed robberies of mobile phone and motorbike owners, have increased in Karachi, posing a problem for local residents and a challenge for law enforcement agencies.

Pakistan issues new guidelines to tighten anti-terrorism laws

Under pressure to crack down on terrorism financing, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan recently issued new guidelines.

Sindh Rangers work to clean up violent Karachi

The crackdown by Sindh Rangers on criminal groups and terrorist outfits in Karachi has restored a semblance of stability in the city.

800 police officers sacked in KP for corruption and abuse of power

Peshawar's police chief aims to improve the intelligence and investigative capabilities of the police.

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