Crime & Justice

The new force of highly trained officers in Peshawar is equipped to respond to any emergency, crime or terrorist act within 12 minutes, officials say.

Police trumpet the potential of an integrated command, control and communication centre to protect Lahore.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police registered the data of 128,000 non-resident occupants in Peshawar, a key element to fighting crime and militancy, police say.

Minorities were relieved to see the swift arrest of suspected attackers of Peshawar's Christian community.

The community policing effort discourages militancy, analysts say.

The para-military forces will provide security to the legal fraternity in the wake of attacks in Quetta.

Police are working with utility officials to prevent theft and collect arrears.

Courts are making an effort to clear up dockets of terrorism cases that have been clogged for years.