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New digital criminal database improves police access, monitoring

The database includes criminals' fingerprints, ID cards, cell phone numbers, criminal charges, photos and other details.

In 2018 alone, at least 875 cases of sexual assault against minors were recorded in Punjab, a police report revealed.

The trauma centres will serve the communities in North and South Waziristan, especially those that have suffered from physical and mental impacts of terrorism.

Sara Khan's archery club is the first of its kind in which both male and female players are trained by a female coach.

The delegation expressed Afghanistan's desire to work closely with Pakistan on finding a political solution to peace with the Taliban.

The purpose of the provincial Blood Donors Corner is to create a list of blood donors that is readily available to help in case of a terrorist attack or another emergency.

Government authorities and religious scholars on both sides of the border are working to counter anti-vaccination propaganda and end the preventable disease.