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'Iran is our enemy', says Afghan general

Iran's support for the Taliban is aimed at hindering key infrastructure projects and antagonising the United States, local officials say.

The cross-border movement of militants to and from Afghanistan has strained Pakistani-US relations in recent years.

Authorities are launching information campaigns and sending ulema to inform the public about family planning and population management.

A 26-point action plan covers the 15-month period from June 2018 to September 2019, which is when the FATF will review Pakistan's efforts.

Iran has cut off electricity to Balochistan's coastal areas, sparking protests and fueling anti-Iranian sentiment, observers say.

More than 12 police units in the Darail, Chilas and Tangir areas are searching for the militants behind the burning of 12 schools last week.

Pakistani prime minister-elect Imran Khan in his election victory speech vowed to improve relations with Afghanistan with an emphasis on open borders and free trade.