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  1. Defying local ban, women in Punjab village vow to vote in general elections

    . Breaking traditions "In any civilised democracy, half the population ought not be disenfranchised

  2. FATA-KP merger stirs hopes of peace, economic development

    democracy," he told Pakistan Forward, adding that it will be impossible for militants to carve out a niche

  3. Pakistani politicians unite against insulting public assaults

    , describing such acts as "immoral" and against the spirit of democracy. Two recent incidents

  4. Khuli Kachehri provides quick justice in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    . "For the first time, people are experiencing the true spirit of democracy where public office bearers

  5. Afghan, Pakistani youth ambassadors work towards convergence, harmony

    in both countries. The event was hosted by Mediothek, an NGO working towards peace and democracy

  6. Pakistani FM radio programme emboldens Taliban's foes

    to fight militancy and to promote peace and democracy.

  7. Newly released bin Laden documents shed light on al-Qaeda-Iran relations

    from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) who gained permission to see the trove before