ISIS mocks burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, calling it 'retribution'

The statement is the latest sign of ISIS's disregard for cultural heritage and its spurious interpretation of Islam.

Ulema vow to continue fight against terrorism, correct misconceptions of Islam

Religious scholars from Pakistan and abroad denounced terrorism at a conference April 14 in Islamabad. Many say ignorance of Islamic teachings is at the heart of the problem.

Muslim family's century of service to church reflects Pakistan's interfaith harmony

Hindu temples and shrines also co-exist with mosques throughout the country.

Pakistani Hindus celebrate Holi, spread message of inter-faith harmony

Observers say the festival is a representation of the diverse society that the country's founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had always envisioned.

Pope and top Muslim cleric call for freedom of belief, tolerance

The joint statement is considered an 'important step forward in the dialogue between Christians and Muslims'.

Al-Qaeda calls for the destruction of ISIS and its 'deviant' caliph al-Baghdadi

Al-Qaeda says ISIS members are unable to understand Islamic texts and are bent on carrying out treason and treachery wherever they have influence. The same however could be said of al-Qaeda.

In photos: Pakistanis prepare for Christmas

Christmas trees, colourful lights and glittery decorations signal the start of Christmas celebrations.

Youth network in Peshawar encourages religious harmony

Khwendo Kor, a non-profit, is working through its growing network to overcome religious intolerance by advancing interfaith relations and societal harmony.

Imran Khan breaks ground on India-Pakistan religious corridor

Sikhs have praised the visa-free Kartarpur Corridor, which will link two holy shrines in India and Pakistan.

Imran Khan's stance against religious hardliners draws praise

Imran Khan in his speech Wednesday warned extremists protesting the acquittal of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy.

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