The military, ideological and cyber wars being waged against ISIS have greatly impaired the group's media capabilities.

Pakistani media workers and organisations have denounced a deadly pair of bombings in Kabul that killed nine Afghan journalists and wounded six others.

The themes of the PurAzm multi-media competition included Peace over Violence, Inter-Faith Harmony, Resilience against Extremism and Stop Supporting Terrorism.

The training aims to prepare civil servants to convey information to the public through the media after incidents of terrorism and violent extremism.

The group's latest video production relies heavily on recycled footage which experts say is a sign of a failing propaganda machine.

Programmes are focused on raising awareness among youth and countering religious extremism, radio producers say.

The author of the new comic series says he hopes to create a new role model for young girls -- and boys -- to look up to.

The TTP's online magazine 'Sunnat-e-Khaula' targets Pakistani women with advice on how to engage 'like-minded jihadi sisters'.

The nature of journalists' work puts them in extreme danger, something that Pakistani press clubs are working to prevent.

The web-based radio aims to promote culture and fraternity while discouraging fundamental and violent elements of society.