Officials are seeking to bolster fish populations, thus aiding the cause of food security and reducing discontent that can breed militancy.

A government ban on traditional brick kilns through December has workers concerned for their future as officials search for alternative technologies.

Under the project, launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan, about 5.4 million trees are expected to be planted each day across Pakistan for the next five years.

The cleanup is aimed at reducing pollution in Pakistan, including in the air and water, and at providing a clean and green country to future generations.

Wells must be dug 450 feet deep in some areas of Mohmand District, a difficult job for local tribesmen. The KP government is stepping up help.

Hundreds of millions of trees have been planted to fight deforestation in the Heroshah region of Malakand District.

Sindh Forest Department officials planted more than 1.1 million mangroves in less than 13 hours last month, breaking the department's own earlier Guinness World Record.

The provincial government's Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project is ahead of schedule, coming under budget and receiving international acclaim.