Nomination of minority woman by JUI-F in tribal district 'historic' development

, observers and human rights activists are praising her nomination for strengthening democracy and women's

Imran Khan addresses Pakistani-American community in Washington

, education, economy and democracy. "Because there is no merit in Pakistan, because

Contrary to Taliban falsehoods, democracy does not contradict Islam

with democracy. In a threatening statement released last week, the Taliban warned the Afghan public

Opposition politicians underscore importance of democratic ideals

their reservations to declare support for democracy in Pakistan. [Farooq Naeem/AFP

Expected peaceful transfer of power augurs well for Pakistan's democracy

democracy, say analysts and the general public. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Pakistan's new chief justice pledges reform, separation of powers

of power and strengthen democracy," he told AFP. A 'practical' man Pakistan's judiciary

ANP, Bilour family defy terror, vow to fight for peace, democracy

for democracy Despite the Taliban's continued threats against the ANP and the Bilour family, Haroon

Civilian government completes term, hands power over to caretaker

for late July. "Completion of this tenure is a success story for democracy in Pakistan

Pakistani politicians stand together against terror-linked political parties

exercise as the democratic elements won't feel secure," he said. Militants reject democracy

TTP bombing in Peshawar fortifies Pakistanis' resolve in democratic process

for that constituency has not yet been announced. Militants fear democracy The TTP claimed

Imran Khan breaks ground on India-Pakistan religious corridor

of the corridor for years. The Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) also

Democracy proves to bolster fight against terrorism, violence in Pakistan

. Pakistan's struggles with terrorism have strengthened its commitment to democracy. [FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP

Pakistan looks on in hope as Imran Khan becomes prime minister

and the armed forces has long been seen as an impediment to democracy and progress. New ways forward

Pakistani army chief briefs senators on national security

. The briefing marks a "historic day for democracy and civil-military relations in Pakistan", Senator Mushahid

Pakistan elects 1st female senator from Hindu Dalit caste

, classes and genders in pursuit of true democracy," tweeted rights activist Jibran Nasir