Qureshi thanks US for role in de-escalating Pakistan-India tensions

Pakistan Forward

ISLAMABAD -- Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Wednesday (March 6) thanked the United States and other countries for their role in de-escalating tensions between Pakistan and India, Dawn reported.

"There appears to be a de-escalation in tensions [with India], which is a positive development," Qureshi said in Islamabad.

"I would especially like to thank US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. By utilising private diplomacy, the United States has played a very positive role," he said.

Islamabad has decided to send its high commissioner to India back to New Delhi now that tensions have cooled, he said.

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This is an open secret that Pakistan is trying its best to ease tension with India which is not in the interest of both the countries. The Indian and Pakistani leadership must carve good relationship with each other to spend money on poverty alleviation, promoting quality education, developing science and technology, health sector, industry and agriculture as both the countries are rich in talented man-power and boundless natural resources for the development of this part of the world, ensuring its security and as positive contributors to the welfare of the people globe over instead of amassing arsenal and sustain colossal loss of human butchery just for nothing. There is no issue or problem existing on earth that does not have solution perfected through amicable ways and means. War is only animalism that ensues annihilation of men and material but humanity, cordiality and love are rational approaches love is a Divine virtue. We were sent to earth to make it an abode of Justice, peace, prosperity and to maintain equality for all as a semblance of Paradise envisioned by the Almighty. Those who rule must understand that it is not the power which they try to grab during their short span of life but conditioned with a very big responsibility of caring for the honorable and secure survival of the existing as well as of the coming generations. If at all a nation wishes to indulge in negative adventurism like war it must be as a crusade against evil on earth instead. . . .