In photos: Preparing for Eid ul Adha

By Shahbaz Butt

Pakistanis purchase and sell animals for Eid ul Adha near Peshawar on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

Owners bathe their animals before taking them to the market in Peshawar on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

A man near Peshawar washes his bull before taking it to the cattle market July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

A girl leads a cow down a street near Peshawar on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

A youngster selects decorations for  sacrificial animals at a roadside stall in the Zargarabad area of Peshawar city on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

Traders unload animals from a truck at the Lala Cattle Market on July 31. [

A man loads an ox-cart with animal fodder near Peshawar on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

A girl packs a shopping bag with coal alongside her father in Peshawar ahead of Eid ul Adha on July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

A blacksmith on July 31 prepares ovens for barbecues at his workplace in Reeti Bazaar amid rising demand during Eid ul Adha. [Shahbaz Butt]

A blacksmith in Peshawar sharpens knives ahead of Eid ul Adha on Jul 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

PESHAWAR -- Pakistanis are preparing to celebrate Eid ul Adha on August 12.

"Everyone is busy nowadays preparing for Eid... buying a good animal to sacrifice is the concern of most", said Habib Khan, a 37-year-old resident of Peshawar.

Khan said he has already bought an animal to sacrifice, adding that although the price can be high, being a Muslim "is the foremost duty".

The prices for sacrificial animals have jumped from the previous year, said Fateh Muhammad, a resident of Faisalabad who travelled to Peshawar.


The cattle market near Peshawar can be seen in this photo taken July 31. [Shahbaz Butt]

There has been about a Rs. 20,000-30,000 ($125-$187) increase in prices for buffalo, cows and bulls compared to last year, he said.

Civilians have felt freer to go about their preparations for Eid after Pakistan's progress in routing terrorists over the past five years.

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