In photos: Pakistani forces seize massive weapon cache in Kurram Agency

By Muhammad Ahil

Authorities display ammunition that they seized in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

A variety of weapons seized by security forces is displayed in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

Security forces present a number of AK-47's captured in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

Security forces show mortar rounds that they discovered in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

Authorities display explosives seized as part of Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

Authorities present mortar rounds seized in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

PARACHINAR, Kurram Agency -- Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies have arrested three suspected terrorists in Kurram Agency, breaking up a major terror network and seizing a major cache of weapons, according to a statement from Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Tuesday (April 10).

Authorities jointly conducted the security operation as part of Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad.

The arrested suspects confessed that they were involved in three major terrorist attacks in Parachinar, the provincial capital, including suicide bombings.

They were also linked to a terrorist network that smuggled illegal weapons, ammunition and explosives inside Kurram Agency, ISPR said.


Pakistani forces display arms and ammunition that they seized during an operation in Kurram Agency April 10. [ISPR]

Based on the information obtained from the suspects, authorities seized a large quantity of arms, ammunition, bombs, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mines and other explosives from an underground militant facility.

"Such operations will cut the weapon and explosive supply to the militants in the agency and also throughout the country, thus drying up the source of terrorism," Lt. Gen. (ret.) Amjad Shoaib, an Islamabad-based security analyst, told Pakistan Forward.

The terrorists would have used these explosives to kill civilians, so a tragedy was averted, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Talat Masood, another Islamabad-based senior security analyst, told Pakistan Forward.

"It's also a message to the terrorists that Pakistani forces are vigilant and that the terrorists can't operate here, even in secret," said Masood.

Kurram matters as it borders three Afghan provinces -- Paktia, Paktika and Khost -- and the recovery of explosives and ammunition will be helpful in defeating terrorism not only in FATA but also across the border, according to Brig. (ret.) Mehmood Shah, a Peshawar-based security analyst and former security secretary for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

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great work .


i need job army


Before year 2002, weapons were being sold in all tribal areas and every agency had huge markets for the purpose with business worth billions on daily basis and thousands of people were employed. At that time no one was being slaughtered or kidnaped, no one was extorted by tens of millions of rupees. Problem of IDP’s wasn’t there as well. No religious scholar was issuing Fatwa and no one was ordained to be killed. Every one had his free will to keep or shave his beard, these huge castles in tribal areas are not constructed today, these castles have been in Landikotal till the time of Englishmen and these army castles are still there; likewise writ of government of Pakistan was established in such a way that everyone was easily controllable and responsibility of one person was supposed to be the responsibility of whole tribe and hence no one was escapable. Terrorism wasn’t transferred from mountains, it has rather been transferred to plains of FATA from the places where constitution of Pakistan is being observed in full spirit and afterwards transferred to mountains where massacre started afterwards and people of the area became TDP’s and their honor, wealth and property suffered heavy losses; not just this, guards of the country have also contributed in looting and have detained thousands of innocent people.


I want to read this feature.


The best achievement by armed forces of Pakistan and intellegence against terrorism. The nation is with Pak Army. In every step in securing the country and innocent peace loving people of Pakistan. Inside country there are weapons and ammonation with certain groups shielding Islam. Need operations.