1. Terrorism

    TTP extends Eid ceasefire after mounting Ramadan offensive

  2. Economy

    Russia, Iran face another consequence of pariah status: no spare parts

  3. Analysis

    IRGC promotes, rewards most radical elements

How do think the increase in ISIS violence in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan?

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  1. Security

    ISIS expands attacks on Central Asian states, targets Tajikistan with rockets

  2. Crime & Justice

    Growing protests in Iran are met with regime's mainstay tactic: repression

  3. Security

    Are Chinese troops at Bagram air base?

  1. Security

    Torture, rape and executions: Russian mercenary tactics around the world

  2. Diplomacy

    Chinese military visit to Iran heightens worries over Beijing's intentions

  3. Diplomacy

    Iranian regime's efforts to fuel ethnic tensions in Afghanistan spark anger

  4. Crime & Justice

    Raisi presidency coincides with 'alarming rise' in Iran executions

  5. Security

    'Army of looters': Russia's pillaging of Ukraine is the latest in history of criminality

  6. Security

    Latest attack on IRGC targets general, kills bodyguard in southeast Iran

  7. Security

    Separatist group warns China of more attacks after Karachi suicide bombing

  8. Security

    Terrorist attacks aim to stoke ethnic, sectarian divisions in Afghanistan

  9. Technology

    Afghan officials ban Iranian SIM cards, currency to limit Tehran's influence

  10. Refugees

    Afghans recall beatings, torture before being deported from Iran

  11. Security

    ISIS bombing of Mazar-e-Sharif mosque highlights increasing terror threat

  12. Security

    Iran funnelling arms to Russia via allied Iraqi militias: report

  13. Terrorism

    ISIS-K claims rocket attack on Uzbekistan from Afghan soil

  14. Analysis

    China rallies sympathy for Putin at home, amplifies Kremlin propaganda abroad

  15. Crime & Justice

    Pakistani money laundering probe links illicit funds to Iranian official

  16. Education

    'Traitors and collaborators': echoes of Stalin in Putin's wartime Russia

  17. Refugees

    Violent protests erupt after videos show Iranians beating Afghan refugees

  18. Security

    Fresh ISIS recruitment efforts raise concerns in Afghanistan

  19. Human Rights

    Increasing atrocities in Ukraine test limits of Chinese-Russian alliance

  20. Religion

    Chinese authorities set limits on Muslims observing Ramadan

  21. Security

    China indirectly fuelling Yemen chaos through economic support for Iran