1. Security

    Pakistani killed in Iran-backed strike in Abu Dhabi

  2. Economy

    China seeks a dependent Afghanistan for access to minerals, say analysts

  3. Diplomacy

    China gaining military, economic influence by racking up debtors around the world

Do you support a boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics due to China's repression of Muslims in Xinjiang?

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  1. Security

    Iranian regime unchanged, unrepentant 2 years after Soleimani's death

  2. Politics

    Chinese investment in Egypt comes at high price, analysts warn

  3. Security

    Glorification of slain Iranian general Soleimani rankles Afghans

  1. Terrorism

    ISIS militants on the run after police raid in Quetta

  2. Economy

    Poverty, brain drain pose serious challenges to Afghanistan

  3. Terrorism

    Pakistani authorities maintain pressure in ISIS-K crackdown

  4. Religion

    Global Imams urge Muslims to boycott Beijing Olympics

  5. Politics

    Iran's push for war, instability abroad deepen domestic discontent

  6. Human Rights

    Clerics back US stance against China's repression of Muslim minorities

  7. Refugees

    Iran ramps up deportations of Afghans, sending them back to poverty, unemployment

  8. Terrorism

    ISIS attacks fell in 2021, but Al-Azhar warns of group's 'drone' strategy

  9. Security

    Shadow of Fatemiyoun militia looms over Afghanistan's future

  10. Energy

    China's green energy push ahead of Winter Olympics destroying farmers' lives

  11. Human Rights

    Xi deemed personally responsible for horrors China has committed against Muslims

  12. Analysis

    China's security expansion in Tajikistan sparks concerns in Russia

  13. Security

    Pakistan clears land mines from large areas of former tribal belt

  14. Analysis

    China's pursuit of military toehold at UAE port continues to spark concern

  15. Business

    Moscow's glitzy Federation Tower East embroiled in ransomware crackdown

  16. Security

    US continues fight against terrorism in Syria while Russia, Iran pursue interests

  17. Security

    Kremlin's Wagner Group slapped with sanctions over destabilising activity

  18. Security

    Al-Qaeda, ISIS-K gaining ground in Afghanistan: US commander

  19. Health

    After TTP calls off truce, gunmen target polio vaccinators, police

  20. Economy

    China exploits instability to secure lucrative Afghan mineral contracts

  21. Human Rights

    US House votes to punish China over crimes against Muslims in Xinjiang