1. Security

    Pakistan stepping up co-operation as international coalition withdraws from Afghanistan

  2. Security

    Al-Baghdadi's 'right hand man' captured in Istanbul

  3. Security

    Evidence mounts of close al-Qaeda–Taliban relationship

  1. Health

    World increasingly wary of COVID-19 disinformation from Russia, China

  2. Politics

    Leaked Zarif audio reveals IRGC's dominance in decision-making

  3. Health

    Healthcare workers shun Chinese-made vaccines over reliability, safety concerns

  1. Terrorism

    Tainted and tattered, bin Laden's legacy still haunts al-Qaeda

  2. Human Rights

    China's 'Sinicisation' policy aims to stamp out identity of Muslim minorities

  3. Terrorism

    Taliban bombing of luxury hotel in Quetta raises questions about China

  4. Security

    US eyes repositioning its troops in Afghanistan to neighbouring countries

  5. Security

    Taliban thugs begin semi-annual extortion of Afghan farmers

  6. Analysis

    A hitch in China's global pandemic strategy: its vaccines might not work

  7. Health

    Over 400,000 'excess deaths' point to major Russian COVID-19 coverup

  8. Security

    Afghans urge Taliban to stop violence during Ramadan

  9. Human Rights

    Beijing turns Muslim suffering in Xinjiang into musical melodrama

  10. Terrorism

    'Canary caliph': new details reveal extent of ISIS leader as prison snitch

  11. Diplomacy

    Russian foreign minister's visit to Pakistan raises questions over intentions

  12. Security

    With graphic murder video, ISIS seeks to inflame sectarian strife in Pakistan

  13. Analysis

    Kremlin influence agent Prigozhin faces harsh reality as international fugitive

  14. Security

    Killing of al-Qaeda, Taliban leaders together proves groups' ongoing ties

  15. Security

    Air combat exercise boosts Pakistan's image as key security partner

  16. Women's Rights

    Young Afghan women reject possibility of return to 'dark times' of Taliban

  17. Analysis

    Guardianship of the Jurist: a theological anomaly empowering dictatorship in Iran

  18. Economy

    Teetering Iranian economy threatens future of Islamic Republic

  19. Diplomacy

    Taliban: we will 'never support' democracy in Afghanistan

  20. Human Rights

    Foreign governments urged to retrieve citizens from Syria's al-Hol

  21. Analysis

    Iran's obstinacy leads to growing clout of Israel in Middle East