1. Terrorism

    Imprisoned ex-ISIS members share sobering stories of radicalisation

  2. Women's Rights

    Defiant Afghan women demand their rights in face of Taliban threats

  3. Security

    Track record of China, Russia, Iran contradicts vows for 'peace' in Afghanistan

  1. Business

    Putin's 'chef' seen bankrolling chaos, bloodshed around the world

  2. Business

    Taliban sit on untapped $1 trillion trove of minerals -- but who will invest?

  3. Crime & Justice

    Chinese 'black site' in Dubai points to Beijing's expanding crackdown

  1. Security

    Raid on ISIS-K military camp in Balochistan puts renewed focus on border

  2. Terrorism

    'We will hunt you down,' Biden warns Kabul bombers

  3. Diplomacy

    Russia hedges bets in Afghanistan

  4. Security

    US enlists private airlines to speed up evacuation of Americans, Afghan allies

  5. Science & Technology

    Hundreds of fake social media profiles discovered pushing China propaganda

  6. Security

    Iran's continuing production of uranium metal alarms world powers

  7. Security

    In new reign of terror, Taliban's barbarity comes into focus in captured areas

  8. Security

    Thousands of Afghan citizens flee Taliban executions and looting

  9. Security

    Iran-backed militancy continues in Pakistan with spillover into Afghanistan

  10. Diplomacy

    Taliban, China accept each other's misdeeds in alliance of convenience

  11. Crime & Justice

    US backs Afghan forces with air strikes as Taliban take provincial capitals

  12. Protests

    Pakistanis condemn Taliban atrocities in Afghanistan

  13. Security

    Iran accused of tanker hijacking attempt as Gulf tensions rise

  14. Security

    Doubts grow over Taliban leaders' control of rampaging militants

  15. Economy

    Trucking costs soar after Taliban seizure of Pakistani border crossing

  16. Security

    Going back on their word, Taliban attack Afghan cities

  17. Economy

    Pakistani-Uzbek agreements usher in new era of co-operation

  18. Human Rights

    Iran's Baluch minority neglected amid 'coronavirus tsunami'

  19. Elections

    Leaked documents reveal Putin's plot to sway 2016 US election

  20. Security

    Civilian casualties skyrocket in wake of Taliban offensive in Kunduz

  21. Human Rights

    In eastern Afghanistan, Taliban advances meet Beijing's Xinjiang oppression