1. Human Rights

    In eastern Afghanistan, Taliban advances meet Beijing's Xinjiang oppression

  2. Security

    Al-Qaeda-linked fighters spotted in Taliban's ranks

  3. Health

    WHO chief urges transparency from China in COVID origin investigation

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  1. Terrorism

    Bus attack highlights growing resentment of China in Pakistan

  2. Human Rights

    Taliban return to oppression in newly seized Afghan territory

  3. Security

    Evidence refutes Taliban lies about execution video from Afghanistan

  1. Society

    Concerns continue to mount in Balochistan over Chinese influence

  2. Security

    Taliban force residents to flee as they loot, torch homes during offensive

  3. Analysis

    The great coverup: how China tried to trick the world about COVID-19

  4. Diplomacy

    Iranian regime attempts to reshape image of 'new' Taliban

  5. Health

    China's questionable vaccines slow Pakistan's COVID-19 fight

  6. Security

    Afghan forces prepare for major counterattack against Taliban

  7. Security

    Taliban violence fuels chaos, tragedy in Afghanistan

  8. Security

    Taliban must stop offensive operations or face air strikes, US general warns

  9. Health

    China's COVID-19 'global public good' turning a bad situation worse?

  10. Security

    Taliban's assassination of religious scholars aims to suppress dissent

  11. Security

    Officials confirm Taliban use of children on frontlines in Afghanistan

  12. Human Rights

    Chinese policies could prevent births of over 4 million Muslim babies in Xinjiang

  13. Security

    Taliban rampage in Afghanistan sees torching of dozens of Korans

  14. Human Rights

    Decoding Iran's vaccine strategy: denial, deception, dishonesty

  15. Security

    Taliban deprive nearly half-million Afghan children of polio vaccine

  16. Human Rights

    China accused of 'harvesting' organs from religious, ethnic minorities

  17. Security

    Afghan, Pakistani clerics condemn Taliban's continuation of war in Afghanistan

  18. Education

    Illegal Iranian-run schools in Quetta deemed 'national security' issue

  19. Security

    US military vows to pressure al-Qaeda, ISIS after Afghanistan withdrawal

  20. Health

    United States to donate 500 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to world

  21. Security

    Arrested Taliban cell in Herat tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guards