1. Human Rights

    China accused of 'harvesting' organs from religious, ethnic minorities

  2. Security

    Afghan, Pakistani clerics condemn Taliban's continuation of war in Afghanistan

  3. Education

    Illegal Iranian-run schools in Quetta deemed 'national security' issue

How should China be held accountable for its crimes against Muslims in Xinjiang?

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  1. Security

    US military vows to pressure al-Qaeda, ISIS after Afghanistan withdrawal

  2. Health

    United States to donate 500 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to world

  3. Security

    Arrested Taliban cell in Herat tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guards

  1. Security

    Iran providing Taliban with 'advanced' weapons, say Afghan officials

  2. Human Rights

    Tribunal investigates China's genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang

  3. Security

    Counter-terror officials publish updated list of wanted extremism, crime suspects

  4. Terrorism

    Uptick in Taliban use of land mines, mortars takes harsh toll on civilians

  5. Diplomacy

    UN nuclear watchdog 'concerned' over undeclared Iran sites

  6. Security

    Afghan forces kill 30 al-Qaeda members supporting Taliban in Helmand

  7. Refugees

    In photos: Displaced Afghans settle among ruins of historic Islamic site

  8. Health

    Wuhan lab leak theory gains traction as COVID-19 origin probe continues

  9. Diplomacy

    Distrust of Chinese vaccine creates obstacles for Saudi-bound Pakistanis

  10. Security

    Afghan forces kill dozens of Taliban fighters in clashes across country

  11. Terrorism

    US vows to help counter 'potent' ISIS threat to Afghanistan

  12. Security

    Pakistani forces target terrorist groups as coalition withdraws from Afghanistan

  13. Human Rights

    China arrested over 1,000 imams amid crackdown on Islam in Xinjiang

  14. Security

    Taliban suffer heavy casualties as temporary ceasefire ends

  15. Human Rights

    Investigation details China's campaign to sterilise Muslim women in Xinjiang

  16. Health

    Iran's 'criminal negligence' in full view with COVID-19 border closure

  17. Security

    Afghan forces, Taliban announce matching Eid ceasefires as violence flares

  18. Security

    Afghan, Pakistani mercenaries abandon IRGC-backed militias in Syria

  19. Security

    Pakistan stepping up co-operation as international coalition withdraws from Afghanistan

  20. Security

    Al-Baghdadi's 'right hand man' captured in Istanbul

  21. Security

    Evidence mounts of close al-Qaeda–Taliban relationship