1. Security

    Ineffective Chinese military equipment causing headaches in Pakistan

  2. Economy

    'Blackmail': Russia threatens world famine with blockade of Ukraine

  3. Religion

    Chinese copper mine threatens ancient city near Kabul

Are you feeling the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on your wallet?

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  1. Environment

    Aid organisations rally as earthquake kills at least 1,000 Afghans

  2. Security

    Islamabad rejects Chinese bid for private security company in Pakistan

  3. Security

    Taiwan bristles over China's aggression, emboldened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

  1. Society

    Poverty forces 70 Afghan couples to marry in mass wedding

  2. Economy

    Chinese loans partly to blame for Pakistan's economic crisis

  3. Refugees

    Promising residence permits, Iran lures Afghans for deportation instead

  4. Security

    China's drone carrier hints at aggressive territorial ambitions

  5. Politics

    China moves in on Iran as it seeks to extend its hegemony into Middle East

  6. Human Rights

    Financier of Russian mercenary group fails to dodge culpability

  7. Analysis

    'Salute, Commander!': Iran's musical effort to brainwash children

  8. Education

    Global aid organisations launch initiative to deter child labour in Afghanistan

  9. Economy

    China's hoarding exacerbates Russia-sparked world food crisis

  10. Elections

    Rise of anti-China movement in Gwadar highlights failed promises

  11. Diplomacy

    Pacific island nations rebuff China's 'good brother' offer

  12. Analysis

    China's indirect support to IRGC is undermining its own economic interests

  13. Human Rights

    Uighur abuse likely approved by Beijing at 'highest levels'

  14. Security

    Russia, China hold joint military exercise as Taiwan tensions spike

  15. Security

    Spider in the centre: Iran's web of drone manufacturing and regional chaos

  16. Security

    Pakistani militiamen involved in escalating drug war in Syria

  17. Security

    Ukraine debacle debunks myth of 'invincible' Russian weaponry

  18. Security

    ISIS attacks worry residents of Afghanistan's northern provinces

  19. Crime & Justice

    Iranian crew in custody after $39 million drug haul seized from fishing vessel

  20. Security

    Killing of ISIS-K mastermind in Peshawar undermines plans of ISIS central

  21. Refugees

    Islamic scholars deem Iran's treatment of Afghans 'un-Islamic, inhumane'