Women's Rights

Women in Mohri Pur hope to exercise their right to vote, overturning a decades-old ban by their own men.

'My aim is to end terrorism, establish peace, empower women and democratise the tribal population,' said Ali Begum, a retired civil servant from Kurram Agency.

The newly inaugurated centre, the first in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will provide free legal services for female and child victims of violence and other crimes.

The business community has welcomed the step and says it will bring more women into the mainstream.

The newly established courts are aimed at speeding up proceedings in cases of rape, abuse, human trafficking, harassment and other issues.

More women are running for seats and campaigning for elections amid recent reforms.

Authorities and NGOs are teaming up to work on the persistent social problem.

A Peace Exchange Programme brings together women from both countries to share ideas on how to 'douse the fire of radicalism'.

In July, Rizwana Hameed became the first female KP Police officer to head an all-male police station.

The Qabailee Khor forum, a group of more than 25 tribal women, is advocating for women's participation in the political process.

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