Participants in the Aurat March seek equal rights and an end to violence against women.

The Ab Aur Nahin website connects women with lawyers and counsellors across Pakistan free of charge.

Sara Khan's archery club is the first of its kind in which both male and female players are trained by a female coach.

'No hardship could break my will and motivation,' said Uzma Nawaz, 24, one of the first female car mechanics in Pakistan.

Female police officers are active across Pakistan, taking on senior roles and arresting those accused of harassing women, sending a message of female empowerment.

Several Pakistani woman mountain climbers, including Samina Baig and Uzma Yousaf, have become torchbearers for other female enthusiasts of the sport.

Observers say the new service is a great initiative and will protect working women and female students who often endure sexual harassment on buses.

Women in Mohri Pur hope to exercise their right to vote, overturning a decades-old ban by their own men.

'My aim is to end terrorism, establish peace, empower women and democratise the tribal population,' said Ali Begum, a retired civil servant from Kurram Agency.

The newly inaugurated centre, the first in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will provide free legal services for female and child victims of violence and other crimes.