A bill that has been introduced in the Senate would raise the age of marriage from 16 to 18 years in the Islamabad region.

The final leg of the PSL-4 has boosted the prospects of international cricket in Pakistan, which have long been stunted by terrorism.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has established five shelter homes under Prime Minister Imran Khan's 100-day plan. They accommodate about 450 homeless.

The Youth Anti-Terrorism Organisation is planning to build apartments for widows facing financial difficulties after losing their primary breadwinners to terrorism.

Government-backed Sweet Home orphanages provide a variety of services to youth who have lost their parents, including housing, food, education and medical treatment.

Authorities are working to protect the marginalised community from violence and persecution.

Renovations of Mughal-era structures in Peshawar have transformed the local scene.

The Karachi-based non-profit is set to launch a fundraising drive in the United States in September. The group uses performing arts to raise awareness of social issues and improve lives.

The joint celebrations on August 14 and 19 in Peshawar and at the Torkham border crossing are a sign of warming relations between the two neighbours, observers say.

Pakistanis have extra reason to celebrate on this Independence Day with the 2nd peaceful transfer of power in the country's history.

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