Security forces in Bajaur District are returning institutions to civilian control and reducing the number of security checkpoints.

Tens of thousands of civilians have been trucked out in recent weeks from the jihadists' ever-shrinking territory in Baghouz, near Syria's border with Iraq.

However, some Pakistani analysts are calling for more stringent measures against the banned groups.

While police operations in Karachi have succeeded in breaking up networks of various violent groups, security officials are concerned over a recent resurgence of attacks.

'We have to take action because Pakistan cannot afford to have terror outfits on its soil,' said Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

Two most wanted militants, Maulvi Abdullah Brohi and Abdul Hafeez Pindrani, were killed in a shootout in the Sibi region of Balochistan.

Pakistanis of diverse religious beliefs visited the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine to remember a deadly suicide attack there in February 2017.

Iran's own policies and security failures are responsible for the February 13 suicide bombing claimed by Jaish al-Adl, Pakistani officials and analysts say.

The exercises and security audits will help police respond more effectively to any terrorist attack, officials say.

While the increasingly paranoid Taliban and ISIS try to wipe out spies in their own ranks, Afghan forces are launching robust operations against both groups, military officials say.