Improvements in security have led to an increase in the number of shoppers during the final days of Ramadan.

Militants dupe or strong-arm the faithful into giving zakat and fitrana to phony charities -- funds that then go towards purchasing arms and bombs, not towards helping the needy, authorities warn.

The exhibition in Karachi runs through the end of June.

For many residents who languished in TDP (temporarily displaced person) camps, this will be their first Eid at home in three years.

Nighttime cricket, volleyball and football tournaments draw in youth of diverse sects and ethnicities and have become a pillar of Ramadan traditions.

Police are taking special security measures to ensure a peaceful holy month.

The Muslim holy month has no place for violence, they say.

Militants exploit Pakistanis' generosity during the Muslim holy month by setting up phony charities, warn civil society groups.

Militants collect substantial funds during Ramadan, an abuse of the public's charitable instincts.