Pakistan seeks to block online anti-polio vaccine content

Such content often misleads parents about the purported dangers of vaccines.

Pakistan's 1st rehab centre for 'ice' addicts opens in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

New laws also are aimed at curbing drug use and smuggling.

Khan honours polio workers who braved waist-deep snow in Swat Valley

A viral video showing a polio worker wade through deep snow to vaccinate children has drawn praise for the 'unsung heroes' seeking to eradicate the disease.

Khan expands Sehat Sahulat Programme to nation's poorest citizens

The programme, launched in KP two years ago, is being expanded to provide free health care to 80 million Pakistanis living under the poverty line.

Bilateral co-operation allows Afghan doctors to get helping hand from Pakistan

Current efforts are part of a series of aid and development projects worth $500 million that started in 2007 under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme.

Tribal residents eagerly await opening of new trauma centres

The trauma centres will serve the communities in North and South Waziristan, especially those that have suffered from physical and mental impacts of terrorism.

KP Police link blood donors with those in need during emergencies

The purpose of the provincial Blood Donors Corner is to create a list of blood donors that is readily available to help in case of a terrorist attack or another emergency.

Militants, religious fanatics hamper polio eradication in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Government authorities and religious scholars on both sides of the border are working to counter anti-vaccination propaganda and end the preventable disease.

KP's first-ever burn and trauma centre starts helping patients

The 120-bed facility has 50 reserved beds for burn and trauma patients, who previously had to travel outside the province to receive treatment.

Pakistan eyes 'sin tax' on tobacco, sugary drinks to fund public health

The tax was recommended by the World Health Organisation; any proceeds from it will go to improving public health.

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