Education is the key to development and ending militancy and violence in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, observers say.

Pakistani authorities are issuing special identification cards to Afghan schoolchildren residing along the border, enabling them to go to Pakistani schools.

Pakistanis want the government to ensure that seminaries disassociate themselves from extremism and teach pupils a variety of modern subjects.

A series of virtual lectures and trainings allowed young journalists to exchange experiences, expertise and reporting.

Observers view education as key to socio-economic development and countering terrorism.

The Punjab government is hiring more than 4,000 guards to deploy at public schools across the province, authorities say.

The Citizens Foundation is building 141 Schools for Peace in defiance of violent extremism and in memory of the Army Public School martyrs.

The improved security situation enabled authorities to re-open a college in FATA that had been closed for 7 years because of militancy.

Local officials hope to bring peace to the region with the opening of FATA University.

Security arrangements were reviewed and enhanced after the summer break.

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