Pakistan sets sights on illegal money exchanges used in terror financing

Authorities have sealed the Chowk Yadgar currency market in Peshawar and detained more than 40 money exchangers as part of an effort against money laundering and terror financing.

Iran seen as long-time harbour for wanted al-Qaeda members

Iran's relationship with al-Qaeda began during the Osama bin Laden era and continued after his death with the hosting of his family.

Pakistan commits to action plan for leaving terror financing 'grey list'

A 26-point action plan covers the 15-month period from June 2018 to September 2019, which is when the FATF will review Pakistan's efforts.

'No safe haven' for foreign militants attempting to penetrate Pakistan

Central Asian militants who joined ISIS, including those from the IMU and ETIM, may be trying to enter Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a Pakistani think tank.

Weakened ISIS stoops to brainwashing children to carry out attacks

Ravaged by air strikes and declining morale, ISIS in Afghanistan has responded to its increasingly desperate situation by manipulating society's most vulnerable members -- children.

Malala Yousafzai visits hometown in symbolic victory over extremism

'I left Swat with my eyes closed and now I am back with my eyes open,' she said.

Certain death awaits ISIS militants migrating to Afghanistan

Militants coming to Afghanistan on behalf of ISIS will find only death at the hands of Afghan and coalition forces, popular uprisings against militants, and resistance even from the Taliban.

Greed, not Islam, motivates militants along Pakistan-Afghanistan border

Despite claiming that their cause is justified in Islam, militants are seeking only to make money through illicit means such as drug trafficking.

Pakistan vows to 'crush' militants after Taliban attack on Swat army base

A Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) suicide bomber killed 11 soldiers in Swat Valley February 3.

Abducted Afghan children 'now ready' to carry out ISIS terror acts

The terrorist group kidnapped an estimated 300 Afghan children from their families to train them to carry out terrorist attacks. Nearly half have reportedly completed their training.

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