Islamabad most dangerous place for Pakistani journalists: watchdog

Pakistan Forward

ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad is the most dangerous place for journalists in Pakistan, according to a report published by Pakistani media rights watchdog Freedom Network Tuesday (May 1).

FN released its Press Freedom Barometer 2018 report, which covers May 1, 2017, to April 1 this year, to mark International Press Freedom Day on Thursday (May 3).

The group recorded at least 157 cases of attacks and rights violations against journalists, at an average of 15 cases per month, said an FN statement.

"Violations included killing of journalists, abductions, kidnappings, physical attacks and injuries, arrests, threats and specific cases of harassment," according to the statement. At least five journalists were killed for their work last year.

Fifty-five of the incidents took place in Islamabad, making it the most dangerous place for media workers in the country.

Such incidents signify "a worryingly escalating climate of intimidation and harassment that is adversely affecting the freedom of expression and access to information environment", said the statement.

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