Qatar office of Afghan Taliban confirms visit to Pakistan for peace talks

Pakistan Forward

ISLAMABAD -- The Afghan Taliban political office in Qatar on Tuesday (January 23) confirmed recent discussions on the peace process in Pakistan, the Daily Times reported January 24 (Wednesday).

Five political negotiators from the office were previously reported to have traveled to Pakistan to discuss peace earlier this month.

"In view of Pakistan's suggestion, the political office of the [Taliban] sent a five-member delegation to Pakistan for talks with the Pakistani officials," the statement said.

Maulvi Shahabud Din Dilawar, Syed Rasool Haleem, Muhammad Suhail Shaheen, Jan Muhammad Madnai and Qari Deen Muhammad made up the delegation, it added.

"The delegation shared its suggestions with the Pakistani side about the political solution to the Afghan conflict and also listened to the views of the Pakistani side. Later, the delegation informed leaders of the [Taliban] in Afghanistan about the details of its meetings with [officials from] Pakistan, China, Qatar and other countries," said the statement.

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