Pakistani student develops smart walking stick for those with Parkinson's

Pakistan Forward

LONDON -- A Pakistani student-entrepreneur has developed an innovative walking stick to improve the lives of patients with Parkinson's disease, Geo News reported October 11.

The device is designed to detect when a user's limbs have frozen; it then vibrates to help the patient regain their rhythm and move again.

Neha Shahid Chaudhry, a 24-year-old graduate of the University of the West of England, told Geo News that she was inspired to invent the mobility aid after seeing her late grandfather struggle with the disease. She began working on the smart stick in 2016.

"My grandfather struggled with Parkinson's disease towards the end of his life and we couldn't do much; he repeatedly suffered falls, rendering him unable to walk and as a result falling and hurting himself," she told Geo News.

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