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The fall of Baghouz, the last remaining bastion of ISIS, marks the death of its so-called 'caliphate', but the threat of the terrorist group remains.

Five months after 12 Iranian soldiers were kidnapped, Tehran has still yet to prove its accusations against Pakistan.

Observers say the festival is a representation of the diverse society that the country's founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had always envisioned.

Law and order duties had previously been the responsibility of the Levies Force and Khasadar Force.

The 'City of Bombs' is now known as the 'City of Flowers' following the defeat of militancy in the region.

Recent gains brought a months-old operation to wipe out the last vestige of ISIS's once-sprawling proto-state closer to its inevitable outcome.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the award on Sunday.

New laws also are aimed at curbing drug use and smuggling.

Security forces in Bajaur District are returning institutions to civilian control and reducing the number of security checkpoints.

A bill that has been introduced in the Senate would raise the age of marriage from 16 to 18 years in the Islamabad region.

The expressway will not only improve relations but promote regional integration as well, officials and business leaders say.

The final leg of the PSL-4 has boosted the prospects of international cricket in Pakistan, which have long been stunted by terrorism.

Tens of thousands of civilians have been trucked out in recent weeks from the jihadists' ever-shrinking territory in Baghouz, near Syria's border with Iraq.

Participants in the Aurat March seek equal rights and an end to violence against women.

The gesture of goodwill means refugees can have access to safe money-transaction services.

However, some Pakistani analysts are calling for more stringent measures against the banned groups.

While police operations in Karachi have succeeded in breaking up networks of various violent groups, security officials are concerned over a recent resurgence of attacks.

'We have to take action because Pakistan cannot afford to have terror outfits on its soil,' said Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

Two most wanted militants, Maulvi Abdullah Brohi and Abdul Hafeez Pindrani, were killed in a shootout in the Sibi region of Balochistan.

His location is unknown, but many speculate he is near the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Pakistan released a captured Indian Air Force pilot Friday in a peace gesture aimed at defusing tensions with India.