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The drive is aimed at making KP self-sufficient in producing fruit, meeting the food requirements of children and providing access to fruit for the general public.

The flareup along the Pakistan-India border could undermine peace efforts in Afghanistan, diplomats warn.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman pledged $20 billion in investment projects and ordered the immediate release of over 2,000 Pakistanis from Saudi jails.

While the increasingly paranoid Taliban and ISIS try to wipe out spies in their own ranks, Afghan forces are launching robust operations against both groups, military officials say.

The joint statement is considered an 'important step forward in the dialogue between Christians and Muslims'.

The move shows appreciation for those who give their lives in the fight against terrorism and financially supports children affected by militancy, officials say.

The two-day state visit is set to start February 16.

If passed, the law would establish a commission to register charities and oversee the collection of donations.

The Thespianz Theatre plans to organise a total of 330 shows in 11 locations throughout Karachi from January 14 through July 31.

A viral video showing a polio worker wade through deep snow to vaccinate children has drawn praise for the 'unsung heroes' seeking to eradicate the disease.

Afghanistan and Pakistan were among the countries targeted by almost 800 pages, groups and accounts Facebook identified as part of a disinformation operation 'directed from Iran'.

President Ashraf Ghani fired Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq in a move observers say was more than just political and was aimed at protecting Afghanistan's national interests.

The programme, launched in KP two years ago, is being expanded to provide free health care to 80 million Pakistanis living under the poverty line.

The high court cited the constitutional prohibition on political activity by the armed forces.

The opening up of the tribal area represents a victory against militants and an opportunity for economic development, tribal elders say.

High-level officials have inspected security arrangements, while traders on both sides of the border are optimistic for a boost in business.

Local elections in the former tribal districts will be held in the coming months, officials say.

Current efforts are part of a series of aid and development projects worth $500 million that started in 2007 under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme.