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Female police officers are active across Pakistan, taking on senior roles and arresting those accused of harassing women, sending a message of female empowerment.

Business owners often felt insecure because of the proximity of the tribal belt, especially when they were carrying out cash transactions, and also feared kidnapping for ransom.

Despite reported irregularities in the July general elections, Pakistani opposition leaders are pinning great hopes on the new government to advance democratic ideals and process.

The participation of minority religious groups in the July elections, including the first victory ever by a Hindu running for a general National Assembly seat, is a step in the right direction, observers say.

On September 22, the Pakistani army killed nine terrorists in the Garlamai area of North Waziristan as part of the ongoing operation.

Despite the hurdles, recent goodwill gestures shown by Prime Minister Imran Khan to establish peaceful ties with India are a positive step.

Imran Khan's government has promised to grant citizenship to foreign nationals who were born in Pakistan, including millions of Afghan refugees.

Seventeen years later, al-Qaeda is still focused on its 'victory' in the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, debunking conspiracy theorists -- and proving its loss of relevance.

Iran's attempts to cozy up to Pakistan are a calculated tactic to win Pakistani support for Tehran's anti-US agenda. It's not in Islamabad's interest, say analysts.

Authorities have sealed the Chowk Yadgar currency market in Peshawar and detained more than 40 money exchangers as part of an effort against money laundering and terror financing.

Street crimes, including armed robberies of mobile phone and motorbike owners, have increased in Karachi, posing a problem for local residents and a challenge for law enforcement agencies.

Tens of thousands of security personnel are deployed to protect thousands of participants in planned Ashura events.

The new KP government expects to enrol about 250,000 out-of-school children in government schools this year.

Under pressure to crack down on terrorism financing, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan recently issued new guidelines.

Police are building eight watchtowers in areas surrounding Bacha Khan International Airport to protect arriving and departing flights in Peshawar.

Iran's relationship with al-Qaeda began during the Osama bin Laden era and continued after his death with the hosting of his family.

The push against the terrorist group in Syria is expected to drive the final nail into the coffin of the group's dreams of establishing statehood.

Several Pakistani woman mountain climbers, including Samina Baig and Uzma Yousaf, have become torchbearers for other female enthusiasts of the sport.

An UN delegation accompanied by Pakistani film actress Mahira Khan visited Afghan refugees in Pakistan and committed to providing them with education.

A former Taliban commander says foreign powers would not send his group of 50 fighters supplies or money unless they 'caused destruction to the highest extent possible'.

The crackdown by Sindh Rangers on criminal groups and terrorist outfits in Karachi has restored a semblance of stability in the city.

Analysts say the US Secretary of State's recent visit to Pakistan carries the potential to 'reset' the recently strained relationship between the two countries.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was 'pleased' with his meetings with Pakistani officials and hopeful that Pakistan will support the US efforts to end the Afghan conflict.

The Afghan Taliban announced Jalaluddin Haqqani's death, but analysts say the news is not likely to have a lasting impact on the terrorist group's operations.

Twelve teams participated in the event organised by Peshawar Zalmi to promote religious harmony.

Authorities are working to protect the marginalised community from violence and persecution.