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Afghan refugees in Pakistan welcome promise of citizenship

Imran Khan's government has promised to grant citizenship to foreign nationals who were born in Pakistan, including millions of Afghan refugees.

Seventeen years later, al-Qaeda is still focused on its 'victory' in the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, debunking conspiracy theorists -- and proving its loss of relevance.

Iran's attempts to cozy up to Pakistan are a calculated tactic to win Pakistani support for Tehran's anti-US agenda. It's not in Islamabad's interest, say analysts.

Authorities have sealed the Chowk Yadgar currency market in Peshawar and detained more than 40 money exchangers as part of an effort against money laundering and terror financing.

Street crimes, including armed robberies of mobile phone and motorbike owners, have increased in Karachi, posing a problem for local residents and a challenge for law enforcement agencies.

Tens of thousands of security personnel are deployed to protect thousands of participants in planned Ashura events.

Under pressure to crack down on terrorism financing, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan recently issued new guidelines.